January 8th, 2006

  • ryuukoi

question about dream boys

does anyone would know how much the poster and the Pamphlet cost?
i saw pictures of them and they are beautiful!!!!
i am looking all over the place to find a way to buy them
but i couldn't find any!
does anyone know where i can buy them?
GD Tokyo

(no subject)

Hey there! I'm kinda new here and sine I don't like making introductory posts without giving something I made my very first rip today!
Well, not really, my first rip, just the first time I ripped form a video and made an mp3 out of it *nods* yes.

Ok, anyway yeah, my name's Shira, I'm 19, I started to listen to KAT-TUN after watching the Music Station Super Live 2005 (so I'm a really new fan T_T).
I'm completely unoriginal and my favourite members are Kame and Jin :P

Now to that rip I was babbling about earlier ^^; Since I only had a live rip of GOLD with lots of yelling (from KAT-TUN's part that is, all of the rips have screaming fangirls so that's not new), I decided to make a rip from the 05.12.2004 performance of it. I hope you like it!

comment if you take ok? :)

KAT-TUN- Gold (05.12.2004).mp3||MegaUpload.Com
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