January 7th, 2006

Jin dancing

Who is interested in downloading a fancam of Jin dancing and then singing Care? I must admit..His dancing is O_O amazing. Just because he shakes his hips better than any girl could. Maybe not better than Shakira but she's latina. The cam is dated back in June 6, 2005 so I'm guessing it's their LOOK(2005)ing concert? Anyway. It's too hot not to share.

It's a little under 6 minutes long and it's 77 MB. Leave your e-mail and I'll send a YSI link to you. It gets really good around 1m25s because that's when he starts shaking it like mad.

EDIT: I sent out the links today...I hope I got everyone? If you didn't receive an e-mail from me (kimiko.p@gmail.com) then either check your junk mail or comment on here again. Enjoy! xD
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    Akanishi Jin - Care