January 4th, 2006

Akame.  Simple As That.
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[Music Video] An Akame Tribute

I made this Music Video awhile back so I'm sure some of you have seen it but now I've put it on YOUTUBE so everyone can check it out! It's just a bunch of clips put together but it's mostly just Jin and Kame.


The song I used for it is "It Can't Be" by Shingo. Jin did a cover of that song once on Shokura so it might sound familiar...^_^ ENJOY!

Bak@me (in the sharing mood!)

johnney's countdown 2 perfs

i know that you can watch some of the johnney's countdown on youtube, although i'm not sure how much of it is on there. so, i thought i'd share with you all two perfs from the johnney's countdown that i have uploaded on megaupload.

Kame performing "Kizuna"

KATTUN performing "Gold"

i'm pretty sure the second one is either the opening song, or the middle because they sing it twice during the whole concert.
kattun in pirate costumes♥

in exchange for these links, could someone tell me where i can download all the nobuta episodes (not on clubbox) or maybe someone can upload it for me? thanks!
drink - blood splatter

[vid]3 Hadaka no Shounen Episodes

I received requests for each of these full episodes.

Clubbox: This is the full episode where the clip I posted of Kame in the hot water bath competition took place

Clubbox: This is the full episode where jin's sexy panther suit took place. You see him spin around and afterwards in the talk you can really see his bulge clearly XD hasejun actually covers it and jin gets all embarassed. it's the cutest thing

Clubbox: This is the full episode where jin was late and had to apologize. and koyama was really mean ...

i'm not going to crosspost these so i'll just stick them in the most general comm and hopefully the ppl who requested them will know to download :)

+credit hirogi, victoria, and pbf :)

i have issues with big files in ysi... i think minna should be familiar by now ^^;;; gomen :)

ps- the full ep of jin in the sexy panther outfit is like a baby to me and it took months for me to find and download it so please treat it nicely? thank you ^__^
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These are decorated grafics of Kattun. It has writings in Japanese, Mostly lyrics or sayings like 'I love JIN!!'etc.

-KATTUN everyone
-Jin (lip commercial)
-Jin (song Care)


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Hope you like 'eem<3