January 3rd, 2006

paintering kame fanart ._.

i wanted to contribute to the community and kame's prettiness inspired me to paint; i used @me's (xakamex) gokusen cap as reference. imo this pic of kame looks so much healthier with his face and cheeks not so gaunt. this doesn't need saying, but my painting seriously doesn't do the real kame any justice ahhhh =,=. my painteryness made him look so severe and harsh TT__TT. i need to round out his jaw, it's so angular x_x...and blend his skin, it looks so soft in the ref photo. i still need to do the hair, so it's a work in progress...

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Jin and Kame Translation

I think it's been a while since this interview took place, but it's very funny. I translated it and put it up here

Some of the questions include: Have Kame and Jin ever fought before? Does Kame sleep with dolls? Does Jin crossdress with Yamapi? Haha anyway...Enjoy!!
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