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Making it world wide!
December 18th, 2005 
I was chatting with jinkamesuki telling her how omfg yaoi that last scene at the beach was when I suddenly had this idea in my mind. So I just wrote it down, if you wanna read, the shit is behind the cut. lol*

Shuuji x Akira rabu yay!
So sad it was the last ep, but it was so good, esp this end! yay!!!
no buta last scene - one shotCollapse )
drink - blood splatter
Just when you thought it was all over... there's /another/ behind the scenes special type of show for nobuta!! This one is from the show oshyamanpou. It's cut into two parts with Pi and Nobuta cohosts.

Part 1: A lot of interviews with the cast and set, done by Kame. Plus they show the Kame x3 CM (Different version) and the Jin DOCOMO CM! ^__^ all HQ :) Plus they do some sort of magic 8 ball game :P
Part 2: More Pi and that girl. They play some sort of drawing game then it gets really boring as they watch other people do boring things. :)

CapsCollapse )
Clubbox: Part 1 (183 mb)
Clubbox: Part 2 (241 mb)

+credit Jbh and pbf
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