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October 18th, 2005 
12:13 am - download
yayyyyyyy~~~ i finally know how to edit videos xD thx to everybody that helped hahha

i managed to cut this out:

夜空ノムコウ-KAT-TUN.wmv (from SC oct.16,05)

yay no screaming fan girlsssss~~~~
This is KAT-TUN's performance on the "New Show" called "UTAWARA". It's basically the same thing as MINNA NO TEREBI.
1. The same people host it.
2. They sing old songs.
3. IT'S BORING! (Only exceptions are when KAT-TUN performs or has skits)

NOTE: This is a clubbox link, please don't ask me for an upload on YSI, I've only uploaded this on YSI for PBF members, so if you want goodies, register :D But only register if you're going to post and spazz if not, save the time.

CLUBBOX : HQ KAT-TUN Perf 051016 Utawara, 61.7mb

They also sing with some old lady at the end, that wierd woman that sounds like a man on Minna No Terebi. With the short bob-cut hair! XD

CAPS under the cut cause they're too sexy to show hereCollapse )

credits: binggu/PBF
08:49 am(no subject)
hey guys... does anyone have an Mp3 of Best Friend?.. I have seen a live but can't seem to find the mp3 ._.;;;

I checked here --> http://je.regret-less.org/kat-tun-songs.html but she doesn't have it up either ._.. If anyone has it.. thank you in advance? <3.
11:35 am - KAT-TUNda!
Adam Lambert Hollywood
Here's Episode 03 of KAT-TUNda! =) It's currently being seeded at JPOPSUKI with one seeder, so, for the enthusiast, perhaps you can manage to get it faster through CLUBBOX. ^^; (Though, really, who would want this show faster? Haha. x))

Episode 03: KAT-TUNda! - 2005.10.15 (376.0MB, .AVI)

And for anyone that might want a higher quality AVI version of Episode 02, compared to the lower quality MPG version posted at JPOPSUKI . . .

Episode 02: KAT-TUNda! - 2005.10.08 (391.3MB, .AVI)

And Episode 01, just for the heck of it. x)

Episode 01: KAT-TUNda! - 2005.10.01 (274.1MB, .AVI)

Enjoy! (Haha. x))

12:43 pm(no subject)
I was cleaning up my cds today.. and i found this.. X3
It's a really cute vid. =D =D =D =D
anyways, i'm too lazy to explain anything.. >3 here is some ScreenCapsCollapse )

Download Here

12:53 pm - seriously
i wonder wat really is going on btw akakame...i've watched the kattun 1st dvd talk, where they introduce themselves, when it's jin's turn to intro, kame's the first to clap his hand n applause 4 jin..hmmmm!!.
anyway's know where i can get jinkamekoki skating, the aku-un skit(minna no terebi) where they wearing something like a detective, or any cute moments of akame clips...
Takki -- Welcome to Existence
I am looking for specific KAT-TUN pictures.
Information Under HereCollapse )

Thank you to anyone who helps me.
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