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October 15th, 2005 
Hey!! I need help finding two clips.. can someone help me here?.. if you have it I mean D:... I am looking for this clip... http://www.youtube.com/watch.php?v=2e6V54cYiSk&search=Kat-tun and a clip of KAT-TUN singing along to a woman playing the piano, and meowing like kitties... if you know what I am talking about please help me? thank you so much before hand ♥♥♥
02:25 pm(no subject)
Hi im new here!
obviously, i like KAT-TUN~ lol . esp Kame and Jin <33
i just finished watching Gokusen 2~ really really hot ^___^ planning to watch anego later ~
NOBUTA IS OUT <3333333333

We get to see the baka KamePi pairing :)

They're both baka in this, but Yamapi is like a ditz/retard! haha It's funny, both are unbelievably cute in this. And Yamapi is ALWAYS touching Kame in this. (Yamapi wants Kame deep down. XD)

Please don't ask for uploading in YSI, I'm only upping these on YSI for the members of PBF.


Clubbox : Nobuta Episode 1 RAW, 519.9MB

KamePi are such cute bakasCollapse )

credits: binggu/me
09:11 pm - [Question] Song
This has been killing me for weeks but it had to be asked. Does anyone know the song title that was played during this CM: _CM_-_2004__KAT-TUN_-_Lotte_PLUS_X_Blue_Citrus

It's the one where the boys are car washing.

Yeah I really like that song and I can't find it anywhere. T_T!

Thank you! :D
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