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Making it world wide!
October 10th, 2005 
high key denial
So I've been working on this longfic idea for a while, and as it's my first KAT-TUN fic and I never intended to write for KAT-TUN anyways, I'm a little at sea over it. But I've worked my best on these first three chapters, and figured it was about time to come out of the woodwork and see how it holds up to examination. ♥

This is my exploration of what might really lie behind the fanservice act. Big thanks to wakkawoo.

Between the Motion and the Act

characters: Jin, Kame
pairings: none
rating: PG at the most

Chapter one: Tank and Silk
chapter one is here

Chapter two: Ice Cream and Curiosity
chapter two is here.

Chapter three: Gold
chapter three is here.
10:19 am(no subject)
drink - blood splatter
hey i uploaded this for a friend, and once again, since it's clubbox i thought might as well post it around in case anyone else doesn't have it yet :)

I'm not sure what date this sc is, but it's the one where Jin, Junno, and some kid go skipping, an aerobics class, then a sauna in skimpy see through white towels *drool*

oh yeah i call this the jin crossdresses in a tight green sports bra and short shorts episode :)

Hadaka no Shounen Sports Episode(110mb Clubbox)

sorry since this is realplayer (.rmvb) format i haven't figured out how to make screencaps yet *dies*

+credit to jpopsuki (yeah you can go bt it too... but chances are the clubbox speed is faster :P)
12:32 pm - Episode?
I'm just taking my chances but does anyone have the JUNE 19, 05 SHOUNEN CLUB EPISODE!?? I forgot to Dl it before cause my fracking DSL broke down so now I can't find it. I don't have Bittorrent, which sucks. ;_; So yea, anyone?
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