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Making it world wide!
October 9th, 2005 
I'm looking at getting some magazines but I can't decide which one I should get.

I would appreciate it if you could tell me what is the difference between Myojo, Duet and Winkup?

Akame.  Simple As That.
Here's some wallpapers I made awhile back and till this day...ENJOY!

Simple and clean.Collapse )

Oh, love!
kakkoii Maru
Hehe.. Someone wanted KAT-TUN da episode two right.. I've got it.. It's not as good quality as the one that might get posted on JPop... but it's better than nothing...

Please don't give this link out... I uploaded it on YSI

Credits to: http://tw.club.yahoo.com/clubs/kattunjin/

KAT-TUN da Episode 2

I'm trying to uploade Gokusen SP now.... But I must say I was quite disappointed with the Special... They didn't even repraise their roles.. They just sat around together talking and remembering all the fun times 6 months ago..

I'll write more soon.. I need to go to bed....haha
10:31 am(no subject)
kakkoii Maru
Hey Hey... Thought I have fun and post something here... Enjoy.. Potato 11 Magazine Scan

Click to see pictures...^^

This is the Gokusen 2 Cast Reunion. :)

I thought it was an actual DRAMA SPECIAL, but it's just the cast getting together and talking etc. Still worth a watch. Kame sings Kizuna in the end, and D-51 sings No More Cry.


Total of 3 parts.

CLUBBOX : Part 1, 378.7mb, 44min 29sec
CLUBBOX : Part 2, 351.2mb, 40min 20sec
CLUBBOX : Part 3, 270.7mb, 33min 03sec

credits: binggu/me/PBF
My DVD recorder decided... to be mean and not record the stuff for me to watch, and on top of that, my dad kept changing the channels so I got fed up and was unable to watch it...

if anyone could upload:

Gokusen Dousoukai Special
10.08.05 NTV 21:00~23:24

KAT-TUNda! Gurachan Ouen Project
10.08.05 NTV 25:50~26:20

on YSI or on JPopsuki... I'd greatly appreciate it!
(i cant download from Clubbox for some unknown reason)


WELL. what do you expect from someone who is ANEGO phased XDDDDD

JIIIIIIIIIN ~ <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

☆ Teaser ☆


[ 黒澤野田 ]

seeing I am pimping here again, I will make a little contribution !

A clip of Jin/Maru/Massu testing out cars + Jin screaming his head off. XD

enjoy both the clip and the icons ! <3

09:36 pm(no subject)
Haruto &amp; Aya [Ichi Littoru no Namida]
Hello~ :D Two ficlets for you today. Fake cuts lead to my writing journal.

Title: Snowdrop
Author: Jess(ica) AKA Headless Chicken
Rating: PG
Chapter: 1/1
Pairing/Character(s): Akanishi Jin/Yamashita Tomohisa
Summary & Ramblings: Jin invites everybody out for a haunted hayride. [Originally written for fuminshou_neko and inspired by the fact that I am cold. >>; Snarky!Pi. Fluffy!Corny!Sappy!Jin. It'll make you want to vomit. :D]

(Nakamaru has a beautiful nose)

Title: Dearest
Author: Jess(ica) AKA Headless Chicken
Rating: PG
Chapter: 1/1
Pairing/Character(s): Akanishi Jin/Yamashita Tomohisa
Summary & Ramblings: Yamapi moves into a new apartment. [Written for fuminshou_neko (again) in exchange for SO HAWT IT BURNS smut of the same pairing. 8D Pi's still snarky. Jin's still fluffy!corny!sappy. You'll still want to vomit. You have been warned.]

(This was a song that left you breathless)

:3 Enjoy. Constructive criticism appreciated.
Takki -- Welcome to Existence
So this seemed like a popular idea when I did this with my Gackt, Hyde and L'arc pictures. So, I decided that since I've got a lot of KAT-TUN pictures, I could share them ^^

Link Under HereCollapse )
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