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Making it world wide!
September 6th, 2005 
tezukawaiter - darissan
I have made a summary of Dreamboy plus some of my thoughts along with caps of Dreamboy ^_^ featuring Tackey ,KAT-TUN, K8 minus uchi and ryo^^;; on my jornal. Have a small HTML glitch in the caps where the line up in one long line down the middle i have no idea how to make them come in rows of 4 ^^;; so yeah its one long post and is picture heavy~
(click on the fake cut to my Journal)
10:32 pm - Kame & Jin?
Girl blue cloth beach
I found this pic while surfing idly through the web, and I'm not sure if this is really Jin there... what do you think?

Sort of looks compromising, doesn't it? XD

ETA: O_O I just noticed, isn't there a hand that belongs to nobody? With the black wristband? Waaah, I wanna see the rest of the picture!!

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