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Making it world wide!
September 4th, 2005 
Well I don't know how much you know about it, but I thought I'd just go and ask.
I read on 6g that kattun's first single would be "gloria" which we do know now isn't true, cause they won't debut now, maybe end of year or next year. Anyways back to topic. This song gloria I could at least listen to two small segments of it, a few seconds long though and I wonder will they use it for the volley ball promoting thing? It would make sence though, ne.
If someone knows more it'll be great to tell here.^^

Oh man I'm still freaked about Jin's new haircolor and style lol* ^^;;;
09:13 pm(no subject)
I'm not a new member, but I've never posted here before, so I'm de-lurking. My name is Pan, and I come via the wFL fandom. I actually recognize quite a few people here. ^^

I got into KAT-TUN via a few members on my f-list that threw shiny at me. It was the song "GOLD" that caught my interest and got me hooked. My favorite KAT-TUN member is currently Ueda (I do believe in Ueda. I do. I do~!), but all six of them have a lot of charm. :3

And because I didn't want to come empty-handed...

Title: Eye Contact
Author: Pan
Rating: PG
Pairing: Kame/Jin
Summary: Eye contact is something akin to hatred and jealousy that leaves you broken and confused in the end wondering where you went wrong and what you have to do to fix it.
Actual Fic: Kame and Jin were fighting.

Anyway, it's nice to meet you all. ^^
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