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Making it world wide!
September 1st, 2005 
12:02 am(no subject)
Hi! I'm not good with posting at communities, but I really wanted to post here since KAT-TUN is the first (pretty!) boy group that I've liked. I've been listening to Japanese music for a long time, but I thought all boy groups worldwide were awful. I can't remember how I ended up with their "She said..." live, but I loved it. Now I have all sorts of boy group music. ^_^;; So, thanks KAT-TUN for adding another thing to my list of obsessions.

I wanted to share a couple files too...Collapse )
Also, a question. The songs that KAT-TUN have performed before their debut (minus the covers), will they release them on an album/single after they debut, or are they just using them now to promote themselves? Sorry if that's a dumb question. I'm not entirely sure how Johnny's works.
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