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Making it world wide!
August 19th, 2005 
I see this was posted on Clubbox, but i see ppl needed it in YSI etc. Mainly a Jin episode out of KAT-TUN! He is so adorable in this!! Megaupload links! So download away!!!

Feel free to leave a comment/say thanks ^^


OMG!!! I I ok I guess now that I've watched it like twenty minutes nonstop I can talk about it. LOL*
Junno wasn't there! *cries*

The songs omg the songs!! kkyaa when I read special medley I thought about Gold, or She said but no it wasn't! They sang new songs! kkyaaaaaaaa

The first song is a rap and Koki was brilliant yo! The dance is rather fast and more like hip hop.
But the second song omg!! sooo hoottt hell Kame!!!!!!!1 OMFG! It's sooo hot wahhha and Jin is ... god that hip shaking ... Jiiinnnn!!!!
And and omfg in the end when the rain starts and the all get so wet and Kame brushes his hair back in the end and their shirts are clumsy and wet and aahhhaa....!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok as soon as I find some time/free bandwidth to ul I'll do it, but it's on jpop suki already, at least the opening and performance. kkyaa!!!!
DBSK//Yunho - Take Flight
Just a note from the mostly silent co-mod...

Most of you already do this, but since the comm is growing, I think it should be an official Mod post..>.>

CLUB BOX & Other download sites
Personally, I don't have a problem with these new sites that poeple are using to share their files, but sometimes there's a problem. Such as with Club Box, I don't know about the rest of you, but I couldn't read the site to know how to use it...I'm sure I'm not the only one.

So, rather than say "Don't use that!", If someone will write out a translation, or basic instructions so the rest of us can use it, then we can provide a link in the memories so new people don't have to be left out of downloading.

Same goes with other download sites. Some of them, like YSI, don't really need anything wrote out, but if someone does have problems, we'll include that too.

MOST of you can ignore the rest of this because you guys are really good about this. This is more for future members:

Request to uploaders (and downloaders)
Uploaders - If you notice that a lot of people have commented saying they can't use that download link, please try to upload the file to another location. If you, personally, can't do it, please contact one of the mods...if possible, we can try and upload it somewhere else ourselves.

Downloaders - If you manage to download a file that other people are having problems with, please either help the other people, or reup the file yourself to somewhere else. You don't HAVE to do this, and most of you already do this, but I want to suggest it to the people who don't.

Also, if you notice the link has expired, please reupload it (if you can).

As I said, most of you can ignore this, because you guys are really good about taking care of each other, but I noticed last night that we are up to almost 250 members. Considering the poking and prodding I had to do to get Ame to start this comm, I am completely O.O!

I wish there was something I/we could do to thank all of you for joining and keeping the comm active, but I'm not sure what we could do. Of course, I'm open to ideas ;) Just keep in mind, it might just be me doing it and since Ame and I both are sometimes really busy, it might take awhile.. o.o

Anyway, there was your mod post, there was your mod babbling, enjoy, and please...no more arguements like what Ame took care of. You guys have been really good so far, let's not mess that up, ok?

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