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Making it world wide!
July 5th, 2005 
12:54 am(no subject)

I uploaded 2 KAT-TUN vids today, so I decided to share the links in this community too.

& ''2004.12.05 GOLD Live'' (of which I would like to request that someone would make an mp3 of, since I love the song by this vid so much.)

Im quite new here so...Atashi wa Koori desu.
*bow* Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu.
Akame.  Simple As That.
I don't know how many people want to see anything from the Kaizokuban(Pirate) Concert but I'll still put it up here. These 2 clips were ripped from the DVD. The performances are the first two performed so it's like the opening. ^_^ Enjoy minna!

Files are uploaded onto File Front so that they won't expire.

Format: AVI
Size: 27MB

Format: AVI
Size: 45MB
*Notes: Also included is the dances after the Le Ciel performance.

Download=Comment (File Front helps me keep track of how many people downloads!) COOL! XD

11:36 pm - Random Upload...
KAT-TUN Backstage at JJ Sports event...

See wacky Junno! See Koki shirtless! See Jin play soccer!

Jin, Kame, Koki Iceskating

See Koki fall! See Akame hold hands! See Koki fall! Again!

I've not been uploading for a while because I've been busy making a new community, along with tsubayosho, it's a Japanese boyxboy pairing archive type community. It's for all Japanese celebrities, including Johnny's and my beloved KAT-TUN- we've already got some stuff up so come see! jboys_evidence [/shameless plug]


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