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Making it world wide!
June 14th, 2005 
10:24 am - Newbie alert ^^;
Hello all ^^ My name is Judy and I'm from Ohio, USA (anyone from my state??). I really hate writing intros because I never know what to write. Hmm, to tell you the truth, I'm not that big of a Kat-tun fan (not to say I don't like them, cuz I do xD) because I don't really know that much about them, but I've heard some songs by them (group and solo), so I'd like to get to know them better. ^^ Since I don't know any Kat-tun fansites and LJ communities seem to be flourishing, I thought I'd join this community ^^ I just recently saw Shounen Club from 6/5 and I loved all their songs :D Now that I'm out of school (just finished junior year, thank goodness @_@ I had been living under a rock and wasn't able to pay attnetion to anyhting..), I have time to go wild xDD

***ARghh hope this work~!! Been having hard time wif the LJ Cut..sorry if it's not working ~.~'''' *** So everyones talking about AKAME's Skull shirt now and wondering about it... ^_^ Well here's the detail..... The one Kame wore in Minna no terebi was not the one JIN wore in Gokusen. In fact, the one JIN wore in Gokusen...was the 1 Kame wore in one of the TVGuide magazine...feb issue i think...here's the pic. I realized this long ago...and the 1 KAME wore in MnT ..the skull was bigger...the 1 JIN wore in Gokusen was slightly smaller and has a crack sign on the skull head and there's a blood on the teeth. And if you noticed, KAME wore the same shirt in TVGuide mag ^_~ So ya.....they either shared the SAME shirt or both bought the same ~!! AHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Besides, both of them have alot of skull shirts, if you noticed carefully ^_~

KAME Skull Shirt

JIN Skull Shirt

To double check again...you can refer back to the "Jin Pretend s to sleep" clips where "slt9 " sent it in previous post . Rite..hope this helps~! ^_~

**Ok i haf trouble uploading the images here and i dunno how to use LJ Cut..can any1 guide me?! So sorry bout i haf to link the image in another page**

Ecstasy BJ
My name is Momo and, well, I must admit that I'm new to KATTUN. meiface pimped this community and I looked through things and heard a few songs and I had to join. I am easily swayed to join communities with Shiny things. ^^ And they are definitely one of them.
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