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Making it world wide!
May 7th, 2005 
Kaito - BANG
Weee. Finally had time to fill this out.

1. How did you get into KAT-TUN?
Mmmm .. I got into them almost 3 years ago. I first got obsessed with Tackey when I saw his drama on TV when I was in Japan, I went to go look for magazines and KAT-TUN happened to be on the cover Duet. I didn't ask my friends in Japan because none of them were really into Johnnys (except my host sister who loved YamaP). So I bought it. XD And after coming back, I searched online for all the Johnnys boys that were in the magazines.

2. Who is your favorite KAT-TUN memeber(s)?

I love them all but Kame is number 1.

3. Rank the KAT-TUN members according to your liking.

Kame, Junno, Koki, Maru, Ueda, Jin ( :: can see everyone going O_O;; at Jin being last :: )

4. Name your top 5 performances/song. (of what you have seen)

Haruka na Yakusoku - just because it was the first KAT-TUN performance I ever saw.
Gold - This song just makes me really happy for some reason.
Oh-E-O Taiyou no Salsa - Japanese + Spanish = LOVE!!!
Le Ciel - 'Nuff said.
Six Grove - Just because I like how they mention everyone and I can never forget how funny Ueda danced XD; ( Sorry Ueda fans XD;)

5. Who is your favorite pairing(s)? (If you have one)

Ehhh.... Akame is cute but I don't really like to pair people. XD;
03:11 pm - Kizuna?
I was wondering, how many version of "Kizuna" you all have?
Hmmm....I only have "Kizuna BC050403" and "Kizuna 050220 - Kame solo" ohh and also "MS 050128 GOLD+Kizuna medley"
I have 3.....
i think there's one more right? Cox i have the mp3 version and there's mc in between.
Anyway, I really like that song, Kame look so beautiful in that performance (Kizuna BC050403)...
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