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First fanfic...

Title: Dirty Little Secrets.. The Curse Fate Brings Us
Author: Aishikuranai873
Pairings: Akame, Junda, Hints of YamapiXKame(Yame?)
Rating: PG-13 for mention of self inflicted pain and blood
Disclaimer: Sadly enough, me no own the boys. 

"Kamenashi! What do you think your doing?" asked a concerned Jin. They had been living with each other for around four months, but the fact that they had been coworkers since they both started JE made it so they were actually in tune with each others emotions. Jin had been noticing that his dear friend and boyfriend had been very distant from not only him, but from the rest of KAT-TUN. The thing that had pushed their concern further was the fact that Kame always seemed to be in a lot of pain and always on edge ever since they knew they would be working closely with News on a special "Bishonen of JE" Collection that was put into motion 2 weeks prior.

"Bakanishi! W-what do you mean?" said the younger male with a startled expression. Jin had caught him staring deeply at a knife that was resting peacefully on his scar laden wrist. This shocking display caused Jin to instinctively grab the knife out of his lovers hand and throw it into the sink. However he didn’t realize that he grabbed the knife by the blade so when he threw it into the sink full of soapy water and dishes, the water became stained with red. Kame and Jin did nothing but stare at one another in utter silence. Jin’s blood staining their tiled floor while Kame’s tears stained his shirt.

"Jin...I don’t feel well. Dinner is ready and could you finish the dishes for me?" Kame had said quietly while wiping his hands on his apron. He then removed the apron and placed it on the table before leaving the kitchen. Jin just stared blankly at the figure he used to feel so much warmth from. Now he felt like he was standing on top of Mt. Everest...naked. Slowly reality kicked back in as he started wincing from the pain ravaging his right arm. He looked down and instantly felt queasy as he saw drops of his crimson life form a pool near his white sneakers. He quickly started to run cold water over his hand while flipping through his contact list. Instead of going down, he went up quickly and decided to call Ueda.

"Moshi Moshi?" said a very groggy voice on the opposite end of the phone.

"Tat-chan! Please hurry over. I need your help with something." Jin said desperately, something that he thought to himself was embarrassing.

"But Jin, it’s late. Normal people sleep not call people not help them tie a velcro shoe."

"Ueda! That was only once and it was because they were new and no one told me the laces on the top were for decoration!" Jin said displeased at how his friend thought so little of him. "Anyway, it’s about Kame and I desperately need some medical attention by someone experienced. "What did he do now, Ueda-hime?" asked a familiar voice in the background on Ueda’s side.

"Oh your awake Junno?" Ueda said lovingly on his end. "I’m sorry but apparently Jin needs help."

"Let me go with you my golden fairy. I know your night driving isn’t great." They both chuckled as they heard Jin’s usual "Yuck!" from the opposite end. "We’ll be over there in ten minutes Jin." Ueda said with the faint voice of fatigue.

"Ok. Please bring some bandages too. The cut on my hand wont stop bleeding! Please Hurry!" Jin got a confirmed "Ok." before hanging up the phone and reaching for the paper towels above the cutlery After grabbing almost the whole roll, Jin sat patiently in the corner of the kitchen wondering what was going on. He knew that Kame was probably overworked, especially since this new project kinda came unexpectedly, but the fact that Kame would go as drastic as to cut himself to relieve the just scared Jin. It scared him so much that he couldn’t feel the burning in his eyes. He started shaking and couldn’t help but cry. He was crying so much that he didn’t even realize the sound of the door opening until he noticed the two sets of footsteps.

"Great. Burgulars are going to kill me, take advantage of my poor turtle, and steal our stuff!" Jin then curled up into the corner of the kitchen preparing for the worst, until he heard a sweet voice he was excited to hear.

"Oh my god, Jin! What happened to you?"

Jin slowly opened his eyes slowly to see a startled and horrified Ueda and Junno standing in front of his kitchen.

"Jin...where’s Kame?" Junno asked, signaling to Ueda to care for the frightened male huddles on the floor. Jin slowly raised his hand and pointed towards the bedrooms and then... passed out.


~Owari. Um this is my first time writing about something other than for school, so I’m really sorry about whatever mistakes I made. The reason this has gone title-less and chapter-less is because I’m just testing the response I may get from this. If it is well liked, I’ll continue writing. Thank you for reading.*bows*

This is only a test '.' ...Chapter 1~^.^~
Tags: fanfiction: masterlists

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