Insanity (jamietatsuya) wrote in kattunlove,

Two-shot MaruDa fic

Title: Stars
Author: kirei_yume /  jamietatsuya
Pairing: MaruDa
Rating: PG
Flame: Hell no!!!!

AN: Okay, this is somewhat like 50% P.O.V. (??) and 50% story. This is written in first-person and it has two parts. The first part is Ueda's and the second is Maru's. Please do read and tell me what you think. It probably has a lot of grammatical errors since it is unbeta-ed. 

Just a little suggestion, It's better to read this if you're listening to an angsty or sad song. Again, please comment and tell me waht you think! I posted this using my fanwork journal but Live Journal said something I couldn't understand... ;(

To the mods, I'm not sure if the post from my fanwork journal worked, but if it did, don't worry, I'm going to delete it.....

Stars I
Stars II
Tags: fanfiction: masterlists

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