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[News] KAT-TUN chosen for NTV's Best Artist 2006

Hey guys~ Remember when I was going around and telling you guys to vote for KAT-TUN to see them perform on NTV's Best Artist 2006 here? Apparently, KAT-TUN and Yamapi got chosen to be in the event this year.

I'll quote myself about this program, in case you have no idea what it is.

This is an annual event which will be held by NTV. Shuuji to Akira was chosen last year. The best artist(s) will be chosen from 1,300,000 people. The chosen artist(s) will perform at the special music show at 7 PM (JST) on 11.29.2006 on NTV.

Yeah~ I don't know if our votes actually worked, but who cares, as long as the got chosen (by 1,300,000 people) xD This is kinda random, but this year Kame and Pi will both appear in this event again (they appeared as Shuuji to Akira last year), kore wa destiny? xDDDD I wonder what song they'll sing, let's just wait xD

Source~ Johnnys-net (in case you wanna check, it's in the middle)

More information~
..: NTV's Best Artist 2006 Official Website
..: TV Studio Audience Information at Johnnys-net
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