jANET (jncomplete) wrote in kattunlove,

Not really a request..

Hi everyone, I've been around commenting for awhile but this would be my first post! I was exposed to Kat-tun accidentally a year ago but I never fandomly got into them until I watched Real Face. Now being part of this community makes me an even bigger fan~

Okay, so I've been listening to Jin's Care for sometime now and I just discovered Ueda's Love in Snow. I'm not sure about this and never really put it in mind but.. are there only the "live" version of those songs? I've been downloading aimlessly thinking I can get the CD-quality version - but I guess.. I'm wrong?

Sorry and thanks you guys!

Thanks for all the feedback - I don't mind that it was sung live [[because it doesn't sound bad AT ALL]] but I just don't understand why they haven't released it on an album =[
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