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[trans] Duet December 2006 Akanishi Jin special report

His smiling face after deciding to take off

Not losing sight of his dream.
Akanishi Jin

On October 13th, KAT-TUN's Akanishi Jin held a press conference and told us himself about his study exchange to learn about linguistics, a hope he has nurtured from before.... For the fans, it was a disappointing confession. But but, let's believe he'll come back after this experience!

Surely everyone is very surprised. Yes, Akanishi Jin from KAT-TUN, at the top of their popularity, has suddenly declared he is going to take a break from all his activities for an unspecified time! He decided to study linguistics abroad, something "I have been thinking about since when I was 17 or 18." Stopping all activities in the world of showbiz, he'll cross the sea.

"I can't say where I'll be studying, but I'll be back. I decided to stay for at least half a year, but depending on the circumstances, I can't tell how much longer it might be." At the press conference, Akanishi didn't say where he will be studying or for how long, nor did he relate which language(s).... In the spare time between the shootings for this magazine, he was calm and lightly chatted with us, but when we got to the interview, he started thinking his answers over carefully. It's typical for Akanishi that when it comes to topics that are important to him, his answers come slower, but this time there were too many secrets!! Like this, "puzzles call more puzzles", in the end everyone just got worried.

There are rumours that he plans to go to the U.S. or to Spain, but more important than that, when will he return? We wanted him to clarify on the question "Will you be coming back at all!?" In the middle of all this, there is at least one reassuring point. First, it's not that he is taking a break because there is a problem regarding his women relationships. To the question "Is the reason for your break a relationship or even marriage?" he clearly answered "No, there is nothing like that!" Then, the warm messages of the other members! "If you're going, make sure to study properly and come back when you've grown! I'll also be learning a lot while doing dorama, let's meet again when both of us have experienced a lot of things." (Kamenashi) "This is what you have decided after thinking it through, so all that is left for us is to support you! Do your best!" (Taguchi) "Be it one round or two rounds, grow and come back to us!" (Tanaka) "The place you're supposed to be is nowhere else but here. I'll be really lonely, but I'll wait for you." (Ueda) "I heard that you wanted to do this for a long time, but I was still surprised. I'll wait for you to say "okaeri" (I'm back!)") (Nakamaru) Akanishi was deeply touched by the words of his friends.

At the end of the press conference, Akanishi stated very clearly "Now I'm all set, no hesitating!", a smile on his face.... Yep, it's already decided, nothing we can do about it. Let's look forward to how he will have changed when he comes back and wait for him!
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