[mod] April update post

General Updates:

  • Akanishi has announced his "JIN AKANISHI "JINDEPENDENCE" TOUR 2018" tour which kicks off the end of this month and runs throughout May

  • Koki has collaborated with brand 'Black by VANQUISH' to produce a small clothing line here

  • You can see the video of Taguchi's appearance on MTV's 'Idols of Asia' here


  • 2018.04.18 - KAT-TUN - Ask Yourself. Details can be found here


  • 2018.04.05 - Koki - UNDER GROUND FIGHT@梅田Zeela

  • 2018.04.15 - Koki - 売れフェスSeason1-4

  • 2018.04.20 - KAT-TUN - KAT-TUN Live 2018 'UNION'

  • 2018.04.21 - KATTUN - KAT-TUN Live 2018 'UNION'

  • 2018.04.22 - KAT-TUN - KAT-TUN Live 2018 'UNION'

  • 2018.04.28 - Koki - Mixed Metal Tape vol.0

  • 2018.04.29 - Taguchi - 音語1周年記念LIVE presented by ひまわり

  • 2018.04.30 - Koki 俺売れツアー@柏PALOOZA

  • 2018.04.30 - Akanishi - "JIN AKANISHI "JINDEPENDENCE" TOUR 2018"

TV Appearances:

  • 2018.04.08 - Nakamaru will appear on 'Nichiyo mo AmeTalk!' 2 hour special

  • 2018.04.10 - Nakamaru will become a regular on the show 'Kaji Yaro'

  • 2018.04.13 - Nakamaru will become a regular on the show 'Onnagokoro ga Wakaru Otoko Wakaranai Otoko'

  • 2018.04.13 - Kame will be a baseball special supporter for 'Fun! BASEBALL!! Pro Yakyu Chukei Kyohin x Hiroshima'

  • 2018.04.20 - KAT-TUN will appear on Shounen Club Premium

Other Appearances:

  • KAT-TUN have various magazine features this month, check out the full list here

Community Updates:

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Hey there!

I have an idea for an akame fic, I would love to give prompts to someone. Thing is, I don't know who would be willing to wright it? ...So, I decided to ask! \^0^)/ ....and if there's is no one who wants to, that's okay too! ^-^

But yup! I will actually share my idea if someone is available to write it. so if anyone's looking for inspiration for an akame fic ...please let me know in the comments. ^^

...Oh, and p.s. the tribute below has nothing to do with the actual idea I have in mind really. I just love this MV is why I put it here! ^v^

Sho-chan cute
  • cha_han

Jin's 'Thank You'-Tour - anyone interested in going together?

Hey there!

I'm living in Fukuoka right now and came across a poster at family mart today saying that the lottery for Jin's tour finally started, so I was wondering if anyone living in or around Fukuoka right now would be interested in going together??
The date for the Fukuoka show is May 11th (Saturday).

If you're interested just leave a comment or send me a message. :)




Selling some KAT-TUN goods

It is not much, But since I have doubles of these I decided to sell them:) I also need to save some money for a gift I want to get for my parents.
I accept PayPal only. All items will be shipped from the UK worldwide. Shipping fees vary depending on what you get:)
I'm shipping after Christmas however, because of exams and so on. So I will charge a small part of your order to secure it and the rest you can send after Christmas time before I ship it.


Shop photos - £! each

Going - £7
Kusabi -  £11
Real Face Film - £15

KAT-TUN BTR Photobook - £20

LE Kiss x3 Large poster (52 x 73) - £15

Maru - Countdown live 2013-2014 Uchiwa - £10
Tatsuya - 10ks 2016 - £12

Please let me know if you are interested~ Or DM me on twitter (@AKHyphen1011)