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6th-Apr-2018 10:14 pm - [sticky post] [mod] April update post
General Updates:

  • Akanishi has announced his "JIN AKANISHI "JINDEPENDENCE" TOUR 2018" tour which kicks off the end of this month and runs throughout May

  • Koki has collaborated with brand 'Black by VANQUISH' to produce a small clothing line here

  • You can see the video of Taguchi's appearance on MTV's 'Idols of Asia' here


  • 2018.04.18 - KAT-TUN - Ask Yourself. Details can be found here


  • 2018.04.05 - Koki - UNDER GROUND FIGHT@梅田Zeela

  • 2018.04.15 - Koki - 売れフェスSeason1-4

  • 2018.04.20 - KAT-TUN - KAT-TUN Live 2018 'UNION'

  • 2018.04.21 - KATTUN - KAT-TUN Live 2018 'UNION'

  • 2018.04.22 - KAT-TUN - KAT-TUN Live 2018 'UNION'

  • 2018.04.28 - Koki - Mixed Metal Tape vol.0

  • 2018.04.29 - Taguchi - 音語1周年記念LIVE presented by ひまわり

  • 2018.04.30 - Koki 俺売れツアー@柏PALOOZA

  • 2018.04.30 - Akanishi - "JIN AKANISHI "JINDEPENDENCE" TOUR 2018"

TV Appearances:

  • 2018.04.08 - Nakamaru will appear on 'Nichiyo mo AmeTalk!' 2 hour special

  • 2018.04.10 - Nakamaru will become a regular on the show 'Kaji Yaro'

  • 2018.04.13 - Nakamaru will become a regular on the show 'Onnagokoro ga Wakaru Otoko Wakaranai Otoko'

  • 2018.04.13 - Kame will be a baseball special supporter for 'Fun! BASEBALL!! Pro Yakyu Chukei Kyohin x Hiroshima'

  • 2018.04.20 - KAT-TUN will appear on Shounen Club Premium

Other Appearances:

  • KAT-TUN have various magazine features this month, check out the full list here

Community Updates:
Not sure if anyone posted it yet but I've uploaded my photos of the latest Anan with Kame, you can get it on my LJ

Feel free to share but please credit my channel if you do.


3rd-Mar-2018 07:50 pm - [mod] March update post
Eeek, has it really been that long since I did and update post? I'm so sorry guys, now that KAT-TUN are officially back, I'll really try to keep up with these!!

General Updates:

  • As everyone is already aware, KAT-TUN are back! Their first single since the hiatus 'Answer Me' will be released on April 18th ahead of their three-date comeback 'tour' - KAT-TUN Live 2018 UNION. Was anyone lucky enough to hit for tickets?!


  • 2018.03 - Akanishi - Live Tour 2018 'Blessed', a full list of dates can be found here

  • 2018.03.03 - Taguchi - LIVE TOUR 2018 「DIMENSIONS」

  • 2018.03.08 - Koki - WHERE is HERO@心斎橋VARON

  • 2018.03.13 - Koki - Everything starts from 0@O-WEST渋谷

  • 2018.03.31 - Koki - Knock Out Kashiwa Idiot4@柏PALOOZA

TV Appearances:

  • 2018.03.21 - Nakamaru will appear on Otasuke Japan

Other Appearances:

  • 2018.03.01 - Kame will appear in the April edition of the magazine 'Eclat'

  • 2018.03.04 - Taguchi will have a fan-meeting in Hong Kong

  • 2018.03.18 - Platinum Music Week 2018 presents Junnosuke Taguchi Shichi-kaikai meeting

Community Updates:

  • jounetsu_8 subbing team have subbed Johnny's Countdown 2017-2018 here

  • cha_han is looking for anyone that would like to go to any of the Fukuoka dates of Akanishi's Live together

  • spinelie has shared her fanvideo about KAT-TUN's comeback here

  • dtt123 shared Johnny's Countdown 2017-2018 raw here (post now locked)

  • kawauso_subs have subbed KAT-TUN's 10th Anniversary "10Ks" concert DVD, you can find it here (community is locked)

My apologies if there's anything I've missed anything, particulary relating to Koki or Junno - it's hard to keep track of Koki as closely without an official site, and Junno's just sucks (there's an update at least every few days and I can't read Japanese)
28th-Feb-2018 11:26 am - Jin's Theater Live

Hey guys!

Since I'm currently in Japan, I was wondering if anybody was interested in going to see Jin's Theater Live together?
I am not sure yet how to obtain tickets (if it's just me I will probably just try to get one on my own during general sale, but from what I understood we could also try to apply through ticket lottery).

I am based in Fukuoka, so unfortunately the Fukuoka performances are the only option for me. If anyone would be interested, I would love to go together!

PS: Dear mods, hopefully this is not against the rules, if it is feel free to delete this.


Birthday posts go here!
Any "Happy Birthday" posts made to the community after THIS post will be deleted automatically.

1) If you have picspams,downloads,graphics to celebrate his birthday, please comment at this entry.
2) Do not make a new entry.
3) If you have already posted a bday-spam post,just leave it...But only this post will be tagged as a birthday post.

If you'd like to keep up to date on anything posted here for Kame's birthday, track this post by clicking the little blue track button at the top of this entry.

orignal picture credit: yoshiko_mama
3rd-Jan-2018 06:16 pm - KAT-TUN's come back at JCD 2017-2018
Hi Hyphens!

In case anyone would like to watch, I did a skit and review of our boys' comeback at Johnny's Countdown.

Link to the video can be found on my LJ
2nd-Jan-2018 11:53 pm - KAT-TUN's return! Discussion Post
So I know everyone has already heard and started celebrating already, but finally...KAT-TUN is back!!! Whoooop!! I'm utterly ashamed that I haven't been around more recently (at least with update posts) but I'll do my best to get things going around here again...and with that in mind, what better way to start things off than with a discussion post!!!

Feel free to flail and gush and discuss KAT-TUN past, present, and most importantly future! Just a few ideas to get the ball rolling (you don't need to answer any of these, they're just thinking points).

  • What do you think of 'Ask Yourself'?

  • What kind of songs would you like to hear KAT-TUN releasing more of now they're back?

  • Any older songs you'd love to hear 3nin versions of?

  • Do you have any concerns that you'd like to see KAT-TUN overcome?

  • What other projects would you like to see the boys taking part in? Either individually or as a group...

  • If they were to get a variety show again sometime in the future, what kind of show do you think would be fun?

Please share your thoughts and excitement with the rest of us here at kattunlove, but please keep it friendly, no bashing of either KAT-TUN or comm members!
31st-Dec-2017 07:18 pm - KAT-TUN IS BACK (Countdown 2017-2018)
After crying my eyeballs out, I just wanted to share a couple of screenshots I took during today's countdown when the Captains finally made their return. They will be touring in 2018 and sang Final Cut's theme: Ask yourself


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