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1st-Dec-2013 05:01 pm - [sticky post] [MOD] Layout contest~
Hello kattunlove members~!

Long time, no see x_x It's been...at LEAST a year since we had a new layout, so here we go...layout contest time :P

Theme: Free Choice (pick an idea and go with it, whatever you want~)
Deadline: Dec 25th (let me know if you'll need longer :X )
Specifics (stolen off of past contest post)

  • It must be coded using an S2 style.
  • It must have a sidebar option.
  • Any theme is fine (eg. Bloggish, Mixit, Flexible Squares etc.), but the themes that show the "Edit Tags" option right on the main page are preferred (eg. Bloggish and Mixit), as well as the option to view tags on the sidebar (in list view). Bonus points for sticky note compatibility~ ;)
  • It must have the comm's name on it somewhere, whether it is "KAT-TUN Love" or "kattunlove", does not matter.
  • It must show only the current members.
  • A working journal layout example is preferred, but you must include a screenshot image no matter what.
  • A width larger than 600px would be nice. :) Should be viewable in all resolutions (including 800x600) though, without any horizontal scrollbars...
  • If you are using somebody else's stylesheet, remember to give full credit, even if you've edited it.
Once you have your layout done, please comment here at this post with your full-screen screenshot of your submission (and a link to the sample journal if you have one).

Comments will be screened, but feel free to ask me any questions. (You can also just PM me, if you'd prefer.)

Good luck!
赤西仁《Easy Idol》photoshoot making.mp4_thumbs_[2016.05.20_00.07.38]

hi guys! wanna share this vid of jins Easy Idol magazine photoshoot making ^^
drop by at my journal reika_kun to download this vid ^^

*Will be F-locked in 3 days*
3rd-May-2016 10:08 pm - Old scans link
8 matsuri
Hi everyone!

These are the links for the rar files. As usual to join them, use HJsplit.

001 : https://1fichier.com/?gan3eaj75a 002 : https://1fichier.com/?eks6n4kyu3 003 : https://1fichier.com/?p84fal2zhj
004 : https://1fichier.com/?ew68pjobce 005 : https://1fichier.com/?qxare7yu30 006 : https://1fichier.com/?gnhvs4fmk0
007 : https://1fichier.com/?jj98ad86vu 008 : https://1fichier.com/?li83yusam7 009 : https://1fichier.com/?aba834wx7o
010 : https://1fichier.com/?4xeptyo50l 011 : https://1fichier.com/?16dcl6c60g 012 : https://1fichier.com/?fsrnbl6giw
013 : https://1fichier.com/?uu7et5ba8t 014 : https://1fichier.com/?hiairu35n9 015 : https://1fichier.com/?c5ny0lmshn
016 : https://1fichier.com/?oouwna8m07 017 :https://1fichier.com/?omrdytt9i6 018 : https://1fichier.com/?ugk8bv9sdt
019 : https://1fichier.com/?yuc44pc5bk 020 : https://1fichier.com/?3bkohtglf5 021 : https://1fichier.com/?3pmthicvan
022 : https://1fichier.com/?oavx14z9wf 023 : https://1fichier.com/?48ri3vxy3s 024 : https://1fichier.com/?ltfvuo6i4v
025 : https://1fichier.com/?8lt5n2gv9l 026 : https://1fichier.com/?t8jk5zet9r 027 : https://1fichier.com/?0jlrqwmz3r
028 : https://1fichier.com/?uc4u43n5s1 029 : https://1fichier.com/?gym7122jv6 030 : https://1fichier.com/?bne5j7n8db
031 : https://1fichier.com/?yor2i9ows6 032 : https://1fichier.com/?uhx2m85z5k

I won't keep the scans, just a little longer to be sure the links and form are good. Tell me if there's some problems. Also it's sometimes classified in french... Sorry ^^.

I want to thank every person in the community who helped to get these scans from back then. Thank you for your work and if a source link is no good, be free to say so.
29th-Apr-2016 07:33 pm - GIVEAWAY CALENDAR!
Hi KAT-TUN Lovers!

I will give away one KAT-TUN calendar. Read my post for more details.
Thank you ;)
20th-Apr-2016 08:57 pm - Old scans
8 matsuri
Hi there.

During my old days as a member in a forum, I retrieved a lot of scans. I have 10 years of mag scans of KATTUN and sincerely, i don't know what to do with them now. None of them are mine, so there is a link to the source with almost all of them.

If some people are interested, tell me, I can upload them in many little files (there's 20gb). It's until 2010.

I hope it's not something forbidden.

Hi! I got extra ticket of May 1, 2016 KAT-TUN "10Ks" Tokyo Dome Concert Ticket.
Kindly message me if interested.

Thank you.
15th-Apr-2016 07:57 am(no subject)
Selling two tickets for KAT-TUN's Tokyo dome concert on the 29th. Original ticket price 7,800 yen. Lemme know if you or anyone you know is interested

(Credit:on pic)

10th anniversary greeting to all Hyphens.
This post is ONLY for per-order purposes and available merchandises will be limited (check the list given).
Click on the link for more details:
Payment method:Bank transfer or Paypal
Hai ....I'm Indah from Indonesia. I'm going to Japan on 26 April - 2 May 2016. During in Japan i want to attend KAT-TUN concert. But i don't know how to get the ticket and i'm not Japan resident. Somebody maybe could help me and give me some advise. I need 2 ticket. Thank you before and after.
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