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5th-Feb-2017 12:18 am - [sticky post] [mod] February Update Post
General Updates

  • Ueda has been cast in the stageshow 'Shinsekai Romance Orchestra' which starts at the end of April

  • Akanishi will release a DVD of his 'LIVE TOUR 2016 ~Audio Fashion Special~ in MAKUHARI' in March


  • 2017.02.03 - INKT - L&P Attractive presents "All Happiness!!番外編"『スシフェス』

  • 2017.02.04 - INKT - RAD CREATION presents「でらロックフェスティバル2017 powered by @FM」

  • 2017.02.16 - INKT - Muscle King Party 〜MTR生誕祭り〜

  • 2017.02.17 - INKT - Wicked!!! (In case anyone is interested, ex NEWS member Kusano's band 'porehead' will also be performing)

  • 2017.02.25 - INKT - palooza presents ”爆音祭"

TV Appearences

  • 2016.02.06 - Nakamaru will guest on Kaerema 10 & Qsama!! Goka 2hodate 3 Hour Special

Other appearences

  • 2017.02.01 - TV LIFE will feature Ueda

  • 2017.02.07 - Nikkei Woman will feature Kamenashi

Community Updates

  • vc_mel is selling various KAT-TUN related goods, you can check this post for more info

  • My sincere apologies for all of the random spam videos popping up. I've set posting back to moderated until these random attacks die down

  • I've finally gotten around to putting regular appearences in the sidebar


Birthday posts go here!
Any "Happy Birthday" posts made to the community after THIS post will be deleted automatically.

1) If you have picspams,downloads,graphics to celebrate his birthday, please comment at this entry.
2) Do not make a new entry.
3) If you have already posted a bday-spam post,just leave it...But only this post will be tagged as a birthday post.

If you'd like to keep up to date on anything posted here for Kame's birthday, track this post by clicking the little blue track button at the top of this entry.

orignal scan credit: yoshiko_mama
23rd-Feb-2017 06:47 pm - Selling KAT-TUN Items
Hi everyone!

My friend and I are selling KAT-TUN items (Photobook, Pamphlet, Newsletter, Album and Single) because we have too many of them. We think that selling these items can maybe help some of you who want to complete your collection or to help new fans if they are looking for KAT-TUN items with decent price.

Please check this post >>here<< if you are interested.

We can ship worldwide from Japan.

Thank you!
16th-Feb-2017 02:47 pm - New works for Taguchi and Nakamaru
It has been announced that Taguchi will release his first single, Connect, with major label Universal Japan in April. For more information check out aramajapan and Taguchi's official site

Nakamaru will also have a new song. I'm unclear if it will be released as a proper single, but Nakamaru has stated it will be availble to download. The song will be the theme for Nakamaru's drama “Massage Tantei Jo" which will start in April. Nakamaru has also recently been appointed the new host for the variety show “Sekai Roots Tankentai”. More information at aramajapan

It looks like even with the recharge period ongoing, we will see a lot from the boys this Spring!
15th-Feb-2017 05:50 pm - BEST OF TATSUYA UEDA (Eng Subs)
Valentine Special calls for a Solo ranking!
Here are 5 songs by my favourite boy in the world, I hope you'll enjoy them.

A special thank you to sixsensesfansub

I hope you will enjoy it :)
More details on my LJ right here
9th-Feb-2017 05:46 pm - Selling JE stuff
Hello! i am selling many of my Johnnys and other artists' stuff because i am moving and all of it will not fit into the new place. I have KAT-TUN's Going! single too if anyone interested, so i'm leaving a post in this community too.

- i can only ship within Indonesia and Japan (buyers from other countries may request if you have a friend living in one of these countries to help you out).
- All prices are not including shipping fees. (PM me for prices in Japanese yen if the shipping is within Japan)

PM or comment for details and pictures :)


A compilation of Kame's Kame Camera monthly serial feature for the magazine MAQUIA that's translated by the awesome iside89. Link and instructions here.
I am selling a big part of my Johnny's collection consisting of books, calendars, goodies, magazines, pamphlets, posters and shop photos (mainly KAT-TUN).

Read more here:
- books, calendars, goodies, pamphlets
- magazines, posters
- shop photos

21st-Jan-2017 03:28 pm - Sale: Johnny's Collection
I am selling a big part of my Johnny's collection consisting of books, calendars, goodies, mags, panfus, posters and shop photos (mainly KAT-TUN).

Read more here:
- books, calendars, goodies, panfus
- mags, posters
- shop photos

11th-Jan-2017 10:17 am - [MOD] January Update Post
Sorry for the delay with this months update post!

General Updates:

  • Ueda has been cast in the drama Shikaku Tantei Higurashi Tabito which will start on January 22nd. It's based on the 2015 special of the same name and is about a detective that has lost all of his senses other than sight

  • Taguchi's website has been updated to feature pictures from his collaboration with Hombre Nino - a clothing brand for which Taguchi will be modelling the Spring 2017 collection


  • INKT are once again the only group with Lives this month so I'll just link to their tour page rahter than copy them out

Community Updates:

  • jinkamelicious has shared all of KAT-TUN's  singles from 2006-2016 here

  • yamashooon shared this article about Jin mentioning Kame at his live in Macau and janniepannie commented with a rough summary of the article

  • janisuta shared a video of Ueda's recent trip to Indonesia

  • spinelie shared her reaction video to Choo Choo Shitain, watch it here

  • KAT-TUN MANIA fansubteam have subbed the epiode of Another Sky on which Nakamaru was a guest, post is now locked but can be found here

  • radiostuff is selling a variety of KAT-TUN goods including CDs, DVDs and various concert merchandise. Go here for pictures/details

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