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Hello, I've ripped the latest concert, 10ks! Live to MP3.

If anyone interested, please visit HERE.

18th-Aug-2016 04:26 pm - KAT-TUN's 10th Anniversary Live Tour
I don't know if it is fine to post here or not, but I want to share KAT-TUN's 10th Anniversary Live Tour that I have uploaded.

But I will remove the file on next week (maybe).

You can find it in my LJ deacaput.

Please delete this post if it is not allowed.
Thank you!
17th-Aug-2016 06:04 pm - TOP 10 KAT-TUN (Eng Subs)
As requested by SaintAntRox I did a Top 10 of my favourite boys (and Oh boy it took me ages to pick ONLY 10...)

I hope you will like it ~

What are your favourite KAT-TUN songs?

This is a fanbase humoristic video, it is not intended to offend anyone, and some facts have been exaggerated for comic effect.  This is made by Hyphens and none of the content is to be taken seriously or meant to be offensive in any way.
*** Check out our KAT-TUN Cosplay of KEEP THE FAITH***
*** Check out our KAT-TUN dance cover of RESCUE ***

Some of the footage come from my own DVDs, and others can be found here :
- KAL/ KAT-TUN All Love: http://www.kattunal.com/

Subscribe for more videos on Wednesdays!
INSTAGRAM: spinelie974 and kikocanale
KAT-TUN's songwriter, Jovette Rivera has done an interview with Izanau where he talks about making music in Japan, KAT-TUN and other Johnny's artists!

Jovette Rivera is a multiplatinum songwriter, born and raised in Monterey, California. He now lives in Tokyo, Japan where he owns his own company, Royal Kingdom Music, and writes music for top Japanese artists such as talent from the famous agency Johnny & Associates, including Sexy Zone, KIS-MT-FT-2, KAT-TUN, and former KAT-TUN member Jin Akanishi (赤西仁). His most recent hit was “Dead or Alive”, written for KAT-TUN, and featured as the main song in the 2015 movie KAT-TUN member Kazuya Kamenashi (亀梨和也) starred in, Joker Game.

Check out the ful interview here!!
15th-Aug-2016 02:33 pm - [Concert] Yellow Gold Tour 3011
hi guys! i just wanna share this re-uploaded file of yellow gold tour of jin ^^
drop by at my journal at reika_kun to download ^^

*Will be F-locked in 1 week*

Yellow Gold Tour 3011 Akanishi Jin.jpg
14th-Aug-2016 03:02 am - KAT-TUN Fanclub Membership
This is more of a service than sales! I am offering to help International KAT-TUN fans join the official Japanese Fanclub.

I can help 3 people for KAT-TUN fanclub. These address are the ones we used for our Arashi membership and we can lend them to you. PM me if you're Interested. Thanks.
7th-Aug-2016 08:13 pm - Flash Sale!
I hope it is alright to post to the community. I'm in the process of clearing space and have some KAT-TUN items up for sale. I have official shop photos ($0.25 each), albums, singles (most are $5.00 each) and concert goods for sale. I do have rare Kamenashi Kazuya and Akanishi Jin concert uchiwas from 2005 - 2008 era ($5.00 each) but they are not posted. If you are interested, please let me know.

Please head over to the following post for more details:

Thanks for looking!
6th-Aug-2016 09:05 pm - [scans] Wink Up & Potato 2016.09
Ueda Glasses
I will be re-posting the scans uploaded yoshiko_mama to share just the KAT-TUN scans. Since there are only two files this time I won't post previews, but would people like previews in future? I would probably just choose one image for each magazine or something...thoughts?

Anyways, you can get this times scans here.
Decryption key: !Vi_0u-QA8-wQ5PzkAY6OrvjsoQQDf54OXkP3FH4UBvY
Credit: yoshiko_mama

Edited to add in decryption key, let me know if there are any more problems I don't know how mega works
4th-Aug-2016 04:14 pm - What is KAT-TUN? (6nin - 4nin)
Before sharing the vlog from 9uarter Live, I did the presentation of the group and as it seems to be appreciated by Hyphens, I'd like to share it with you all.

I hope you will like it too!

/!\ Please read the disclaimer in the description box and stay nice to other viewers /!\

As requested, I did the other 2 members' presentation in a new video:

Let us know what you think and please share it if you liked it :)
2nd-Aug-2016 01:31 pm - [MOD] August Update Post
Ueda Glasses
As part of the community revival, I will be posting an update post near the beginning of each month to summarise what is coming up for KAT-TUN in the coming month and what has been posted on the comm since the last update. The update post will be made the sticky post (unless there is an ongoing contest or update that needs to be highlighted to the comm) and will be updated if something new pops up that needs to be on it e.g. a new TV appearance is added. Please note that regular appearances will be listed in the sidebar when the new layout is up so won't be listed on these posts.

August UpdatesCollapse )

Please do comment with any thoughts, discussions or constructive criticism :)
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