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1st-Dec-2013 05:01 pm - [sticky post] [MOD] Layout contest~
Hello kattunlove members~!

Long time, no see x_x It's been...at LEAST a year since we had a new layout, so here we go...layout contest time :P

Theme: Free Choice (pick an idea and go with it, whatever you want~)
Deadline: Dec 25th (let me know if you'll need longer :X )
Specifics (stolen off of past contest post)

  • It must be coded using an S2 style.
  • It must have a sidebar option.
  • Any theme is fine (eg. Bloggish, Mixit, Flexible Squares etc.), but the themes that show the "Edit Tags" option right on the main page are preferred (eg. Bloggish and Mixit), as well as the option to view tags on the sidebar (in list view). Bonus points for sticky note compatibility~ ;)
  • It must have the comm's name on it somewhere, whether it is "KAT-TUN Love" or "kattunlove", does not matter.
  • It must show only the current members.
  • A working journal layout example is preferred, but you must include a screenshot image no matter what.
  • A width larger than 600px would be nice. :) Should be viewable in all resolutions (including 800x600) though, without any horizontal scrollbars...
  • If you are using somebody else's stylesheet, remember to give full credit, even if you've edited it.
Once you have your layout done, please comment here at this post with your full-screen screenshot of your submission (and a link to the sample journal if you have one).

Comments will be screened, but feel free to ask me any questions. (You can also just PM me, if you'd prefer.)

Good luck!
24th-Jul-2016 11:40 am - [GRAPHICS] WALLPAPERS


To all Pinoy Hyphens,

Hyphens Philippines is inviting you to KAT-TUN’s 10th Anniversary Live Tour “10Ks!” Philippine Concert DVD Viewing.

WHERE: iChill Theatre Café, 1125 Dos Castillas St., Sampaloc, Manila
WHEN: August 20, 2016
TIME: 1:00-6:00 p.m.

*includes entrance, food, raffle entry and special souvenir

As we watch KAT-TUN’s last performance before entering their “charging period”, we also want to have an opportunity to celebrate our beloved group’s 10th Anniversary through this event. Expect fun activities and chances to win rare KAT-TUN goods in the raffle as part of the celebration.

1. Send Hyphens Philippines a PM or an email (hyphens.ph@gmail.com) with the following details:
Full name:
Contact info:
KAT-TUN Ichiban:
Mode of payment:

2. Send an SMS to Rochelle (0917-726-4572) or Ikhlas (0917-813-5280) with the same details as above.

1. You can choose from the following options for the payment of the registration fee:
BDO Bank Deposit
BPI Bank Deposit

*More information (account details, address, etc.) will be provided once we confirmed your registration

2. Only those Hyphens who made a complete payment of the registration fee on or before AUGUST 13, 2016 (Saturday) will receive the special limited souvenir.

*An email or SMS will be to you when the payment is received.

3. Registration fee is Php250 inclusive of food, raffle entry and special souvenir. LIMITED SLOTS ONLY as we will accommodate no more than 30 HYPHENS in this special event.

We’ve been through a lot but it’s no reason for us not to celebrate while KAT-TUN is in their “charging period” so we sure would love to have a blast with you in this event!

See you there~
20th-Jul-2016 12:21 pm - [Selling] Jins Me Tour Iphone Cases
Hi guys! i'm helping my friend to sell her extra Me tour iPhone cases for iphone 6 and 5 (one of each)
she's going to change her phone so she can't use them anymore and they're never been used :)
so if you're interrested just comment or PM me ^^


Price: $30
Payment Method: Paypal

if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask just comment or pm me on this link
and i will gladly answer you questions :)
hi guys! i just wanna share this mezamashi tv coverage of jins con audio fashion ^^
drop by at my journal at reika_kun to download ^^

*Will be F-locked in 3 days*

20160713 めざましテレビ.ts_thumbs_[2016.07.14_02.00.16]
22nd-May-2016 12:36 pm - Kat-Tun guitar chords
Good morning Hyphens! What's up?
I am looking for some Kat-Tun guitar chords, but I cannot find them...
Is there any LJ who shared Kat-Tun chords?
Thanks a lot!!! ^_^
Selling away many goods from KATTUN and different Johnny’s groups.
I ship internationally from Italy.
All versions are Japanese versions in very good condition.
If you purchase more items, I’ll offer discounts!
PM me if you're interested or Contact me via email: concetta.rizzo23@hotmail.it
Payment Method: Paypal or Postepay

[Click to open link]http://concy.livejournal.com/13044.html
C: Jin

Hello! I'll be doing a preorder for the Osaka concert with kurosaki91.
She'll be getting the items personally and I'll be shipping from Singapore.
(Shipping directly from Japan possible too for international buyers!)

Preorder Deadline: 19th April 2016
Estimated Arrival Date: Mid May 2016

( More information... )
Is anyone here have link download to download making of Fumetsu no Scrum?
I've been searching anywhere but i can't find any link download.. thank you before :')
15th-Feb-2016 01:20 am - Concerts' subs
Now is so sad time, but I want to make something for favourite group and for us, fans...

I've made timing for all of Come Here concerts and for Quarter too, but I can't find somebody to translate it.... Maybe someone want to help me? It's would be wonderful!
Help me, please!

If you want, I can make timing for makings of PV too!
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