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1st-Dec-2013 05:01 pm - [sticky post] [MOD] Layout contest~
Hello kattunlove members~!

Long time, no see x_x It's been...at LEAST a year since we had a new layout, so here we go...layout contest time :P

Theme: Free Choice (pick an idea and go with it, whatever you want~)
Deadline: Dec 25th (let me know if you'll need longer :X )
Specifics (stolen off of past contest post)

  • It must be coded using an S2 style.
  • It must have a sidebar option.
  • Any theme is fine (eg. Bloggish, Mixit, Flexible Squares etc.), but the themes that show the "Edit Tags" option right on the main page are preferred (eg. Bloggish and Mixit), as well as the option to view tags on the sidebar (in list view). Bonus points for sticky note compatibility~ ;)
  • It must have the comm's name on it somewhere, whether it is "KAT-TUN Love" or "kattunlove", does not matter.
  • It must show only the current members.
  • A working journal layout example is preferred, but you must include a screenshot image no matter what.
  • A width larger than 600px would be nice. :) Should be viewable in all resolutions (including 800x600) though, without any horizontal scrollbars...
  • If you are using somebody else's stylesheet, remember to give full credit, even if you've edited it.
Once you have your layout done, please comment here at this post with your full-screen screenshot of your submission (and a link to the sample journal if you have one).

Comments will be screened, but feel free to ask me any questions. (You can also just PM me, if you'd prefer.)

Good luck!
16th-Jul-2015 07:58 am - ★ (11) wallpapers ★
Kame: Kei~

Jpop: KAT-TUN [Kamenashi Kazuya,Taguchi Junnosuke,Ueda Tatsuya,Nakamaru Yuichi].


To View All Click HERE @ final_faith
Post will be locked in 3 days Only.
I have Kame's butai chirashi of Aoi Tane wa Taiyo no Naka ni Aru to give away.
Quantity = 20

For more details please click here: http://maruyu.livejournal.com/11959.html
31st-May-2015 02:33 pm - sales post
hi I'm selling all my magazines like Myojo, Popolo and my complete TV Guide, TV Life and Weekly Television collection. Also some clippings.
I'm thinking of selling some more of my KAT-TUN stuff, will ad them here then.

Links to the sales under the cut

Sales...Collapse )
29th-May-2015 09:01 pm(no subject)
I’ve made timing to KAT-TUN’s concerts Come Here (in Yoyogi) and Countdown 2013-2014, and I plan to timing other concerts from Come Here tour (Tokyo International Forum and Countdown 2014-2015). By myself I can’t translate it from Japanese, so I hope here I can find somebody, who can do it =))
FT Island

2015.04. Eng Sub KAT-TUN's Sekkaiichi Tame Ni Naru Tabi! EP 1 in Ishigaki Island

[TV] 20150417 Tame Tabi Episode 1 - 60m SP in Ishigaki (44m59s)(1280X720)(KAL)_001_1818.png


  • Kame hits on girl customers. Earns the name 'bed idol'.

  • Nakamaru negotiates like a pro.

  • Ueda's voiceover!!!

  • Junno has a freakout over a snake!

Download Link: Here
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