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11th-Jan-2017 10:17 am - [sticky post] [MOD] January Update Post
Sorry for the delay with this months update post!

General Updates:

  • Ueda has been cast in the drama Shikaku Tantei Higurashi Tabito which will start on January 22nd. It's based on the 2015 special of the same name and is about a detective that has lost all of his senses other than sight

  • Taguchi's website has been updated to feature pictures from his collaboration with Hombre Nino - a clothing brand for which Taguchi will be modelling the Spring 2017 collection


  • INKT are once again the only group with Lives this month so I'll just link to their tour page rahter than copy them out

Community Updates:

  • jinkamelicious has shared all of KAT-TUN's  singles from 2006-2016 here

  • yamashooon shared this article about Jin mentioning Kame at his live in Macau and janniepannie commented with a rough summary of the article

  • janisuta shared a video of Ueda's recent trip to Indonesia

  • spinelie shared her reaction video to Choo Choo Shitain, watch it here

  • KAT-TUN MANIA fansubteam have subbed the epiode of Another Sky on which Nakamaru was a guest, post is now locked but can be found here

  • radiostuff is selling a variety of KAT-TUN goods including CDs, DVDs and various concert merchandise. Go here for pictures/details

22nd-Jan-2017 01:36 am(no subject)
21st-Jan-2017 03:28 pm - Sale: Johnny's Collection
I am selling a big part of my Johnny's collection consisting of books, calendars, goodies, mags, panfus, posters and shop photos (mainly KAT-TUN).

Read more here:
- books, calendars, goodies, panfus
- mags, posters
- shop photos

15th-Jan-2017 11:02 pm(no subject)
12th-Jan-2017 04:01 pm(no subject)
11th-Jan-2017 03:10 pm - Asking for help
I want to ask if anyone here knows where I can download Tokyo Friend Park II with Yamanato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge cast as the guest? It would be great if the video is subbed, but it's okay thought it's a raw.

Thank you in advance ^^
7th-Jan-2017 01:27 pm - Selling all of my KAT-TUN stuff
Hello everyone,
I'm selling all of my KAT-TUN Stuff. Sadly, I'm no longer part of the fandom and I'm in need of some cash due to my current economic situation. I hope all of this reaches good hands because I've taken good care of all my stuff. Most things are unopened unless stated otherwise. Please consider that I'm willing to negotiate prices. More info in my personal journal. Thank you!


we (KAT-TUN MANIA fansubteam) have subbed Another Sky Nakamaru Yuichi as the guest, and you can find it here.
Enjoy ٩(๑>∀<๑)۶
I didn't plan on doing this but you requested it so I obliged! You're welcome.

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INSTAGRAM: spinelie974 and kikocanale
I didn't know he was there till I saw the video from Metro TV, he voluntary cleaned cultural herritage wall. Unfortunately, the anchor didn't say his name.

[http://m.metrotvnews.com/play/2016/10/30/605214] [WN Jepang Bersihkan Mural di Dinding Kota Yogyakarta] is good,have a look at it!

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