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4th-Oct-2016 11:41 pm - [sticky post] [MOD] October Update Post
Ueda WU

  • 2016.10.01 - 2016.11.19 - INKT - Live House Tour 2016

  • 2016.10.06 - INKT - Big Bomber Camp 2016 ~Tokyo 7~

Other Appearances:

  • 2016.10.3 - 2016.11.18 - INKT will be holding various 'Life's Colour album release events

General Updates:

  • Taguchi has announced he will be modelling for the clothing brand 'Hombre Nino' Spring/Summer 2017 collection

Community Updates:

  • akanida shared some Ueda graphics here in celebration of his birthday

  • harajukyuu is selling some KAT-TUN merchandise here

  • mellony10 shared some gifs from Jin's Choo Choo Shitain PV here

  • akanida shared some Nakamaru graphics here in celebration of his birthday

That's it for updates for this month. Firstly my apologies for missing some of Jin's tour dates in last months post. Secondly HAPPY BIRTHDAY UEDA!! As you can see there wasn't a birthday contest post since those fizzled out a while ago. Any interest at all out there to re-kindle them???
We at arashiproject are in the midst of recovering all of the files subbed by bakanosekai. I know that they have subbed KAT-TUN media files in the past, so should you have some time, please take a look at this masterpost for the files that we need (entry is public). Should you be willing to reupload files, please just go ahead and comment the link in the entry.

Thank you!
13th-Oct-2016 11:37 pm - KAT-TUN QoP
Hello ^^
I want to ask if anyone know where I can download KAT-TUN Queen of Pirates DVD Concert with english subtitle??

10Ks in advance.
10th-Oct-2016 07:29 pm - Question about a song
Hello everybody! Sorry for disturbing you with this  but I have a question about a song and a show.
Years ago I wrote a RyoDa fanfic (in my native language, Hungarian). It is about a song which was performed by Ryo, Jin, Yassu and Ueda and was sung by them at  a show which might have been a Summary or a Johnny's Countdown. They were really young back then I think. In my fic they were standing on some kind of platform face to face with guitars in their hands and that scene might have been captured from a real show because  there was a lot of real descriptions about that special concert and well portrayed interactions between the bands/band members presented in the show. Unfortunately I don't remember the band with which Ryo was there. Maybe NEWS or perhaps Kanjani8. In my fanfiction both bands were there.
Was it a real song or it was only in my imagination? I usually use real scenes in my fanfictions, I write while watching the show I am writing about to make the fiction a little bit real and that is why I think it was a real song.
Can you help me?
10th-Oct-2016 03:45 pm - Another video request - Lands
Heya guys.

You were all so wonderfully helpful the last time around that I'm totally hoping someone will be able to point me in the right direction again.

This time I'm looking for the Making Of video of Land's Bandage. All the amazing places that were suggested to me last time either don't have links for it or have expired links.

Also, I have been steadily laughing (and cringing) my way through Cartoon KAT-TUN for the first time ever. I did notice that where I was getting it from (JORSubs) only had up to episode 127 listed. Did they stop completely or does anyone know where I can find the rest? Did another group pick up subbing the last half of it?

Thanks in advance.

PS: Anyone else LOLing over the hilarity of Jintaka's disbandment? XD
9th-Oct-2016 11:26 am - [scans] magazines 2016.09-2016.11
Ueda WU
Various magazine scans from the last month or so shared by yoshiko_mama

Get them here


4th-Oct-2016 12:09 am - [GRAPHICS] ICONS & WALLPAPERS
Ueda Tatsuya:
110】 icon.
004】 wallpaper.

kame glasses
- KAT-TUN Wink Up 2009
- KAT-TUN Chain Album LE
- Maquia Magazine Vol.24 (Kame)
- KAT-TUN Countdown Live 2013 DVD LE
- and many more

Visit HERE
15th-Sep-2016 07:23 pm - audio [mp3] request
slam, hanamichi, sakuragi, dunk
Hello hyphens, I am looking for the mp3 of: Le Ciel Kimi no Shiawase Inoru Kotoba. I'm looking for the original version (fast paced) one, not the christmas remix version. If anyone knows where I can find it or direct me to it that would be awesome. Thanks!
15th-Sep-2016 06:31 pm(no subject)
Out of curiosity, are there any Kat-tun fans here who happen to live in Japan, particularly in the Tokyo or Saitama area? 
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